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Foreign trade zone (FTZ) operations mandate precise control of Customs supervised inventory and pro-active management of compliant inventory movements.
Automated FTZ systems must have robust functionality combined with rich content, rule-based integration tools, and electronic links to multiple regulatory government agencies.
Importers filing their own import entries require ACE/ABI connectivity, while others need connections to their brokers. Ability to file AES, electronic in-bonds, and Permits To Transfer (PTT) are essential functions of a foreign trade zone solution.
Other levels of complexity may involve importers maintaining several foreign trade sub-zones in different ports and foreign trade zone participants processing large volumes of transactions. In the later situations, high degree of automation, seamless integration, instant compliance verification, and management "by exceptions" become a necessity.

Integrated Solution for FTZ operators - FTZ QW
Developed to meet the specific needs of FTZ operators and tenants, our integrated Foreign Trade Zone business model unifies import, export, logistics, compliance and financial processes including U.S. Customs clearance, Harmonized Tariff Schedule classifications, export licensing, denied party screening, comprehensive product catalog, tracking, event management and international document repository. To further reduce data redundancy, the integrated solution incorporates information sharing capabilities with import, export, customhouse brokerage, and freight forwarding components.
Key FTZ QW Components:
  • Admissions: Automated admissions is the electronic way to file 214s directly to U.S. Customs;
  • Manufacturing: Fully automated manufacturing and manipulation procedures and auto-generation of CF 216s;
  • Automated CHB System: ACE/ABI is the electronic way to file FTZ entries, weekly estimates, and in-bonds directly to U.S. Customs;
  • Warehousing: Supports receiving, manipulation, manufacturing, consolidation, and distribution of inventory;
  • Product Master: All-inclusive database of pre-classified parts/products;
  • Automated Export System: AES is the electronic way to file the export manifest information directly to U.S. Customs;
  • Integration: The multi-layered integration points interface that unifies multiple cross-format legacy platform accesses;
  • Documentation: Commercial Invoices, CF 214, CF 216, CF 368, CF 3311, CF 7501, CF 3461, CF 6043, CF 6423, CF 7512, CF 7551, MDR, Bills of Lading, AWBs, and many more...
FTZ QW Helps Customers To:
  • Minimize logistics costs, duties, fees, and taxes;
  • Ensure adherence to compliance regulations and reduce exposure to fines and penalties;
  • Proactively manage the entire foreign trade zone process, including manufacturing and manipulation, informing stakeholders of potential problems;
  • Generate both mandatory, analytical, and management reports; perform customized queries,
  • Improve on-time delivery by reducing delays;
  • Improve ability to efficiently handle volumes during peak seasons;
  • Ensure compliance movements of supervised inventory;
  • Reduce administrative and support costs by centralizing and sharing global transportation, compliance, and trade data;
  • Increase visibility of supply chain information.

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