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"It is no use saying, 'We are doing our best.' You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary."

(Winston Churchill)  



Multi-National Trade Solution

Why We Are Different

QuestaWeb has employed its distinct ability to combine industry knowledge and technology expertise to engineer unique solutions that are truly transforming cross-border and free / foreign trade zone operations.
QuestaWeb’s flagship product, TradeMasterQW delivers Internet-based, fully integrated global trade management solutions that enable the worldwide movement of goods in a rapid and secure manner.
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From export import compliance verification and purchase order initiation through delivery and settlement, the movement of goods is pro-actively monitored, documentation is distributed in compliance with local regulations, and global financial transactions are managed according to defined business rules.
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TradeMaster QW promotes collaboration among exporters, freight forwarders, carriers, customs brokers, agents, foreign trade zone operators, and importers by leveraging the Internet, its comprehensive global trade compliance content repository, and emerging technologies to collect, manage, and communicate key information anywhere in the world.
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GTM Best Practices
Our executives have collaborated with leaders in international trade for more than twenty five years to define best GTM practices that improve the efficiency and boost performance of global trade, logistics, foreign trade zone, customs clearance, and other supply chain operations. These insights have been leveraged into our all-inclusive solution: TradeMaster QW.
TradeMaster QW functionality is delivered over the Internet/Extranet ensuring uniformity, real-time global visibility, rapid diagnostics, and increased compliance and productivity throughout the entire supply chain.
Global Model
Our unified, time-relational business model supports global trade, foreign trade zone, logistics, compliance, clearance, content, and financial processes. TradeMaster QW bonds its rule-based designs and emerging technologies to streamline multi-company, multi-language, multi-currency supply chain practices and to promote collaboration among all stakeholders.
Trade and Compliance Data Warehouse
Our centralized multi-national data model coordinates the complexities of international applications. The global content repository, the multi-dimensional data structure, and advanced proprietary algorithms and engines comprise the foundation of our solutions.
Intelligent Engines
Leveraging best GTM practices, proprietary engines integrate global trade content, security requirements, compliance, documentation, and other key components into supply chain transactions.
Flexible Workflow
Our adaptive workflow methodology and trading partner network, coupled with proactive and configurable event management, create an intelligent infrastructure that accommodates the unique requirements of each individual customer.
Connectivity Tools
Extensive APIs (Application Programmer Interfaces) ant IPIs (Integration Point Interfaces) enable rapid, reliable, and secure integration between participants and direct interfaces to government agencies and legacy systems.
Adoption and Support
Our field proven adoption approach leads to reduced implementation and maintenance costs while our comprehensive support program allows clients to concentrate on their core competencies. QuestaWeb’s technology skills, industry understanding, and customer focus enable the evolution of TradeMaster QW to continuously assist each of our customers in realizing their business potential.
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