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GTM Integrated Suites

  for Importers  
Importer Challenges
All import processes - logistics, regulatory, financial - must be coordinated and all supply chain partners working in collaboration, if goods are to reach their ultimate destination in a timely, secure, and cost-effective manner.
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  for Exporters  
Exporter Challenges
The integrated solution for exporters creates sustainable value by facilitating critical export processes that result in optimal cost, assured regulatory compliance, service performance, and global movement of goods and information.
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  for Foreign Trade Zones  
Foreign Trade Zone Challenges
US Customs mandates precise control of FTZ inventory and pro-active management of compliant movements. Automated FTZ systems must have robust functionality with rich compliance content, rule-based integration tools, and electronic links to multiple regulatory agencies.
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  for Customs House Brokers  
CHB Challenges
To profitably meet customer demands in an increasingly competitive environment, leading brokers are implementing technology to better manage cargo, documentation, landed costs, and compliance analysis on behalf of importers.
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  for Import Freight Forwarders  
Import FF Challenges
Import FF QW is tightly integrated into the TradeMasterQW application suite, enabling import freight forwarders to effectively manage de-consolidations, goods tracking, warehouse distribution, and integrate with brokers and AMS.
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  for Export Freight Forwarders  
Export FF Challenges
The Export FF QW solution streamlines export freight forwarding functions such as rates and quotes, bookings, warehousing, consolidations, and tracking of shipments all the way to purchase order and product levels.
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